A photo of myself taken in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. Hi,
I’m Michael.

I’m a designer from the American Southwest, now living in Paris. I like to create things that are warm and a little whimsical.

Currently the sole interface designer @ MESH, working remotely to build a better way for people to come together & thrive within Kenya’s gig economy.

My values #

Though I’m not always in a position to make decisions, I will always push to do the right thing.


Focus on people

And their problems. Utilize prototyping and iteration to help people get stuff done.

Empower and delight

Make things simple, but not soulless. Build things that are accessible, understandable, and joyful.

Respect and protect

Advocate for ethical design and the need to balance business needs with moral and socially-conscious decisions. Fight dark patterns and honor privacy.


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My work #

Though I mainly focus on UI right now, I've also worked in UX and collaborate closely with the UX, product, and development teams every day. I understand the basics of programming to assist with handoff, and I even do a bit of coding myself—like this site.



I redesigned the MESH app from the ground up, creating a new style guide and component system based on our brand refresh.

An overview of screens from the MESH app, with some screens from before the redesign peaking out from behind.


Good Humans

I worked with startup Good Humans as part of my final project for Ironhack Paris, crafting an onboarding flow for their planned iPhone app.

An overview of app screens from the Good Humans onboarding flow.


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