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Lately #

In early 2022 I joined MESH as the sole UI designer, where I’ve redesigned the app from the ground up and built out a new design system. I work closely with the product and UX teams — prototyping, testing, and iterating as we re-focus the app and introduce new features.

I love taking photos in late-afternoon light, reading fiction, and drinking iced pour-overs. I live in Paris with my partner and our cat, Kitten.

I’m a huge movie nerd. I log every film I watch on Letterboxd — I’m sure I’ll die before I make it through everything on my watchlist, but I’m trying!

I care deeply about maintaining and advancing human rights. Abortion rights are currently under attack in the US — join me in donating to make sure pregnant people can get access to the care they need, regardless of the state they live in.

❧ Support your local abortion funds

❧ Support indie abortion clinics

❧ Support legal defense funds


Previously #

I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA — one big suburb with not much to do, but loads of breathtaking desert beauty.

I studied Media Arts at the University of New Mexico as well as Filmmaking at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. I paid my bills working as a barista and fell in love with coffee.

In 2014 I started working at Apex Evaluation, where I taught myself design principles and methods and championed a design-driven culture. I built a new website, updated and expanded the identity system, produced marketing materials and videos, and began redesigning the Apex iPad app.

In 2017 I found my break into the film industry. I worked for five years as a set costumer and proud IATSE union member and moved to Los Angeles.

After re-examining my passions and priorities amidst COVID lockdowns, I came back to design. Wanting more formal training, I completed an intensive 10-week UX/UI bootcamp with Ironhack Paris. My final project was selected amongst my cohort’s top 3.


Get in touch #

You can reach me by email at:

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About this site #

This site is super simple because I built it myself from scratch — HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of Javascript. It will respect your device’s appearance and motion preferences.

It’s hosted by Namecheap, and the typeface is Tofino by Alanna Munro.

I believe in privacy and use Cloudflare’s privacy-focused web analytics — free of client-side cookies, usage metrics, and tracking — mainly to monitor page-load speeds and see which pages are checked out most.

I continually work to make sure this site is accessible to everyone. If you catch something that needs improvement or isn’t working for you, please feel free to let me know.